Mantle Art

'Mantle Art"

I've developed a long term series called mantle art. I've never heard of the term; so if it has been invented before it's without my knowledge.

This is my art painted on 6" x 6" 8" x 8" etc free stand on your mantle, shelf or special place in your home. I can place hanging hardware attached in case you prefer to wall hang.

An affordable piece of art that is Archivat. Appointments available.

My First Blog - What is Archival?


ARCHIVAL – I have developed a formula to make the paint, For my ABSTRACT FLOW Paintings, more fluid while being archival. Within that formula are mediums to protect the binders ,opacity, extender of the paint and actually enhance so that the paint does not deteriorate 5-20 years. Water is not a major part of this formula.

[Paints contain: pigment(s) impart colour and opacity/transparency. Binders a polymer, referred to as resin, forming a matrix to hold the pigment in place. extender - larger pigment particles added to improve adhesion, strengthen the film and have binder.]